J.E.M. Special Events & Beauty

"J.E.M." Founders: Julie & Ed Marantette


Julie Zavala-Marantette (Trainer, Designer)

Julie has been a make-up artist for over 12yrs, throughout these years she was trained by the best and largest cosmetic companies, Salons & Spas in the world! Julie not only absorbed beauty knowledge, but also learned quite a bit about reasonable prices and customer satisfaction. She loves what she does and has worked very hard to perfect her skills to give every client the best possible service! She has trained some of the biggest companies/spas special makeup techniques as well as selling, merchandising, and service ideas.

Julie started out as an artist experimenting with different types of tools and canvases further educating herself in two different colleges and graduating with 4.0 honors in "Art". She moved on to drawing out tattoo art for friends, then tried make-up; she flourished with the cosmetic tools and colors! Julie not only "Wowed" people with her art work but now "wows" them with "beauty artistry". Art has played a big role in her talents as a Beauty Artist. Art has given her the tools to know where to shadow, what colors to create to match every skin tone, and how to blend the most beautiful colors for the eyes! The technique she uses is her own creation. Julie holds workshops to teach these techniques to others.

Julie been told that she has "amazing" talent when it comes to make-up artistry; she love to see different faces, they are like a blank canvas to her. She has been featured in a News Papers & Magazines for her talents and dedication to her work. Julie has been dabbling in every genre of make-up from weddings to theatre productions working with men and women of all ages, face/body painting and full face art, temporary tattooing, make-up for photo shoots, MTV videos, films & more!

Dedicating her time to others and our community

Julie not only dedicates her time but she dedicates her supplies to local theatres around our community. She has also given a helping hand to our local youth, helping them stay on track, and letting them explore their artistic abilities.

*Due to a shoulder injury on Easter of 2013, Julie is not available for services, she is recovering and we wish for a fast and speedy recovery! We have 4 other artists including Ed (OWNER) who have been fully trained to take care of your needs.

Ed Marantette (OWNER)

Ed has been in customer service/management for over 16 years, throughout these years he has been known to give the highest quality of customer service and professionalism. When you hire J.E.M. you will be getting "professionalism", "quality", "low prices", and "excellent customer service"! Ed has been an airbrush artist for several years, in which he has learned techniques to get the longest life out of your tattoos. His artistic ability helps him to create free hand designs and excellent color blending techniques, not to mention flawless designs!

Ed has a talent for Makeup design and SPFX. Ed is our lead man for the business! If you have any questions please contact Ed for services, and rates.

Volunteer work

Ed has volunteered his amazing skills in management, & airbrush to several local community theatres, totally “free of charge”.

J.E.M. & the “J.E.M. Name”

J.E.M. was originally done in Julie’s name but after many years Ed and Julie decided they needed an official name, so, in February 2009 they decided to name their business "J.E.M. Special Events & Beauty". The "J.E.M." has two meanings; the first meaning is "Julie Ed Marantette". The second meaning is that J.E.M. sounds like GEM; this business is Julie & Ed’s GEM and they want it to be the Gem of the community by having the most amazing art, the lowest prices around and by helping to make our community events more fun with lots of things to do.

J.E.M. is fully licensed and insured professional business. J.E.M. is followed by a lot of local face paint, makeup, airbrush & SPFX makeup artists in WA, using J.E.M. tecniques, training and ideas to help their businesses flurish. J.E.M. art is unique in the application & creation. Go for the best, choose J.E.M. Artists for your events!

Other Services that are not on the J.E.M. website

 -  Balloon Animals  -  Custom Art work for tattoos  -  Custom fine Art 

"We believe that passion is what brings out the beauty in our work; we love what gifts GOD has blessed us with and we never go a day without thanking him for it."

                                                    "Talent is made from Passion in the Heart!"

Have a look at a few of the J.E.M. portfolio pictures and contact us if you want to make an appointment or have any questions.

Thank you,

Julie & Ed Marantette                      "J.E.M. Special Events & Beauty"

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*J.E.M. designs are fun, cool and well designed, please respect our artists and do not copy or publish our photos/designs as your own or for your own business. Designs by J.E.M. are copyright by J.E.M. as well as our J.E.M. LOGO. Thank you.